Press Releases

April 20, 2010
Local Massachusetts Fitness Company Launches New Stand Up Paddle Board

BOSTON, MA — Everactive, a Massachusetts based fitness coaching company is branching out to the water ways of the New England and beyond with their new stand up paddle board the Everactive SUP. They are one of New England's first stand up paddle board companies and they are hoping to catch the upcoming wave of popularity with the sport. Stand up paddle boarding, SUP for short is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. It's basically where you stand on a large board not too different than a surfboard but only longer and wider for better balance and stability and you paddle. Standup paddle boarding stems back to ancient Polynesian culture. In the 1940 and 50's, long board surf instructors actually used this technique to keep an eye on their entire group of surfers in the lineup. In early 2000 when professional big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and a few other surfers started standup paddling again it sparked a tsunami effect on the sport. Since then a new surf culture has taken over the beaches in Hawaii, California and it's spreading rapidly all over the world, even here in New England.

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