Standup Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The world's fastest growing water sport

Why stand up paddle boarding? Stand up paddle boarding is the ultimate vehicle to spread health and fitness, not only is it one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, it is also one of the most enjoyable sports in world. We want everyone at all levels of fitness to be able to enjoy this sport anywhere; on lakes, rivers, ponds, bays, the open ocean, you name the body of water.

In 2005 we took our passion for exercise and our passion for water sports and started stand up paddle boarding as an alternative exercise choice. In 2008 we began to offer standup paddle boarding lessons and fitness classes to our clients.

Come ride the fitness wave of the future!

For more information, including pricing and schedule, download our Stand Up Paddle Boarding program packet.


History of Stand up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding stems back to ancient Polynesian culture. Stand -up paddle boarding is when you stand on a surfboard and paddle. It requires some balance, but it's not all about catching waves. It can be done on totally flat water and since you are standing up, you are able to get a much better view of what is going on in and out of the water. In the 1940 and 50's long board surf instructors actually used this technique to keep an eye on their entire group of surfers in the lineup. In early 2000 when professional big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and a few other surfers started stand up paddling again it sparked a tsunami effect on the sport. Since then a new surf culture has taken over the beaches in Hawaii, California and now it's spreading rapidly all over the world.

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